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When my wife and I first saw the house we bought listed online we liked it, but it was well outside of our price range.  Upon further investigation we realized it had been listed for a few years, I speculated without any offers.  Lets face it, how many people want a 25 acre farm, with two barns looking on the verge of collapse, a extremely outdated 100+ year old home especially at the price it was listed at.  The property details:

25 acres (1901 in our county could mean anytime, I think they just put in that date if they don’t know)

Main Home:  Build Date unknown, 3084sq ft.

In-law home:  Built 1990, 952sq ft.

Garage: Built 1960, 18’x22′

Utility Building: Built 1901, 14’x24′

Barn: Built: 1901, 28’x42′

Barn: Built 1901, 46’x74′

Here are some listing pictures:

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We looked at other house and finally were ready to make an offer on another house.  The night before we put in an offer we did a 3rd showing and gave our realtor the offer just to find out the owners had accepted another offer during our showing…  So just for fun we came and looked at this house after the owner had dropped the price another $30k and now it was only $75k out of the range we were hoping to be in.  We low balled at $70k below asking only to get a decent counter which frankly shocked us both.  We went back and forth a few times only to end up with the house.  Even though we spent more than we wanted, our monthly payments were less than we had planned when budgeting for a house because we now had farm taxes since it was an active farm.

We moved in November of 13′ and got to work immediately.  The big barns state when we moved in was not so good, we decided to let the other barn just fall when it is ready because it would cost more than it was worth to fix and wanted to keep the big one up.  There just aren’t old barns this size around anymore.  The biggest concern was damage to one corner of the roof, and a decent amount of structural concerns inside; ie Jack stands supporting beams and a rotted corner post.  We found some Amish help to get it all into shape.



That is where I will stop for the property details.  I will keep updating through various blog articles.

See a video around the property a year after moving in:

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