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I am a husband, father, electrical/computer engineer, wannabe farmer, and avid shooter.  I like a good combination of technology and doing things the old fashioned way.  If you asked my wife she would tell you everything is a DIY project for me.  I started this blog to detail some of my projects, thoughts, and things I learned along the way.  We live on a 25 acre mini farm with a house built in the late 1800’s and a hand built 40’x72′ barn.  Naturally many of my projects will revolve around these things.

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  1. Looking at bugging the same flooring you used. Lakewood pecan laminate…wondering if you still like it? Is it holding up well or is it terrible? I have five kids and worried they will thrash it! Really need to flooring, but can’t afford the nice stuff, but don’t want to throw $ away on cheap stuff either. Would you buy it again? Need to have flooring picked out soon, hope you get this!!!

    1. Yes, I would buy it again in a second. I looked a bunch of other types on lumber liquidators and other sites that a lot of people have problems with joining the pieces of other laminates together or they have inconsistencies. I have had no issues with this flooring. I have only laid about 400sqft I have about 2600sqft to go this winter. I originally bought a box and hit a piece with a hammer, dropped stuff on it, and other things it held up great. I also have a scrap piece I left outside in the wet to see how it handles water. So far it has been out there months and still looks really good.

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