Kobalt 10″ Sliding Laser Compound Miter Saw – SM2507LW

I bought this saw for my flooring project.  It wasn’t the miter saw I started with, but it is what I finished the project with.   When I went to buy one, I landed on this 10″ saw at Lowes.  The Kobalt miter saw has the capacity to cut a 3.5″ by 12″ piece.  Although it didn’t have as much power as the Hitachi, the work piece size was a more important aspect for me.  Not to mention the replacement blades are only in the $20 range for 10″ blades.

The huge Hitachi miter saw I borrowed was older and didn’t slide but had a huge blade to compensate.  The replacement blades for it were extremely expensive, just to get them sharpened was almost $100.  It also wouldn’t cut the width of my board unless I elevated the piece since it lacked the sliding feature.  It was also heavy, and it took two people to move around.  After using the old Hitachi I had a pretty good idea of the features I was looking for in my own saw when I bought one.

The Kobalt SM2507LW miter saw is light weight, everything locks in to place place and one person can carry it pretty easily with the handles on top.  You can set stops on the wings if you are cutting a bunch of similarly sized pieces.  I made use of this feature already when I decided to make a variation of these garage shelves from ana-white.com.  Not having to measure out tons of similarly sized pieces is a huge time saver.  The laser is also a good feature.  My only complaint about the laser is getting it set up ,which is not the most straight forward (similar to sighting in a scope on a gun).  The laser only gives a line on one side of the blade as well.

Overall a great saw for my needs so far.  It has become to most used item in the shop for the time being.

Laser Line
Sliding (3.5" x 10" capacity)
Wings with Stops
Light Weight - Easy to Move
Laser Alignment

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