Review: WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

tl;dr Aside from the Michigan colors I really like this nailer.  Worked perfectly for me so far and at $35 it is well priced.

I read the reviews on amazon and picked this up about $35.00 shipped with the goal of putting up some trim around the my newly laid laminate floors.  It comes in a cheap plastic case with some oil.  WEN is not really known for being a high end brand and they really don’t put a ton of attention into the details. That does show a little when pulling it out of the box.

When I got it, I put in some 2″ brad nails I got off amazon too.  I hooked it up to an old 2 gallon craftsman air compressor.  It did already have a fitting on the end which sped up the process.  You can adjust the depth with a little wheel under the tip.  I used it at 75 PSI.  I quickly found out the back has a turn knob to control where the air blows out after being hit in the face with the first blast of air after driving a nail.  It didn’t cycle the compressor very often which is nice as well.  The gun is lightweight enough, I wouldn’t say it is super light or anything spectacular.  It has a rubber grip with is comfortable.  I have only laid one room worth of trim so far and it has been great with no problems.  I will keep using it, and update if I experience any problems.

If I was using this everyday I would get something better, for occasional use it has proved to work just fine so far, and at the price I think it is a great tool for the average homeowner.

Easy to load
Finish Quality

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